And how we carry

Not knowing what to carry,
she could not start.
Frozen and still, she waited
In hope that life would turn

Her gaze was fixed, and she
saw not the blessed flowers
which grew around her feet.

She could carry no more,
and she collapsed in the depths
unknown to her being.
Was it the end?

Opening herself, she saw
the great garden that had grown,
and all around the place was joy.

At that moment, she was free.



A Sky of Possibilities

Hope. Dreams. Infinity. Gratitude. Expansion. Possibilities.

The sky conjurs up such visions of the great beyond.  When we gaze upon this place, it can hold all the meaning in the universe.  It can be ominous, clear, gentle, incredibly beautiful, frightening, and dark.

It’s presence reminds us that there is something large out there that is greater than we can ever understand.  That there are dimensions and expansion beyond our understanding, that of which offer possibilities beyond our wildest imagination.

The universe is quite literally an expansive dimension of infinite possibilities. Know that it is with you all the time, ready to expand and create the reality of your dreams.

The mystery of the Sky and all that it represents is here guiding us through all that we see and seem.


In Spirit and Saga

We arrive on this earth with a flame burning inside.  An inner fuel to keep us going, evoking life to stir and push forward in time.

Deep from within us rises a story that must be told.

From those moments, our truths begin to emerge.  Our energy takes form into the shapes and colours that our tapestry must fulfil.  The hues, contours and patterns are woven just so, as to connect the the people, moments, events and learnings that await us.

As the eternal story of the world is unfolding, we are the next chapter in the memoirs of our forefathers.  We are the energetic shift of the next evolution.  As our moments are brought forth, the power of the whole universe resonates with the sway of our existence.

Energy transfers in ways it was only waiting for and in ways that it could only embrace with pure and vibrant light and love.  As we take our place in the universe, we become intwined into the powerful, living and breathing organism of the unbounded cosmos.

From vitality and from love we see and we know there is but one story being told.


Where Healthy Begins…

Self-Love and Self-Awareness.  That is where it all begins.

Reaching out to understand the self, and loving ourself for all of who we are. Recognizing weaknesses, shadows and challenges as imporant parts of our being, and loving them for being there.

In each moment, day to day, being fully engaged with ourself, and those around us.  Understanding our reactions, actions, and motivations.  Knowing ourselves, deeply, and making the changes we wish to make for the betterment of our contribution to this life and to this planet.

Perhaps our health is much more than diet and exercise. Of course, those are two very important ingredients to the recipe, however, they may not have the impact they could have if we first don’t review our core beliefs about ourself.

The body can act as a mirror for what we are feeling inside.

It is my belief that we are made of energy and emotion. The core of our being can be deduced to moving particles, even our thoughts and feelings create energy that vibrates outwardly to the universe and inwardly to our core, impacting how we physically look and feel as we inhabit the body we live within.

We are incredibly adaptive and self-healing beings. We have the power to transform ourselves for the better if we so choose.

In our quest to heal ourself and the universe, I believe it starts with love and awareness. Loving the self, for all that we are in this moment.  Recognizing and loving our weakesses as much as our strengths.  Consciously giving ourself love each and every day.  Having awareness of who and what we are and what we feel, how we act and what we need. Engaging in life fully and completely and in the moment.

May all of us find the healing that we need, and find the space to send ourself love.


Generation and Time

What is it that time generates?  Learning? Progress? Growth?

Is the act of generating ‘something’ from our so very precious time a critical experience for progress in life?

Perhaps what generates the most progress is being still.  Learning to be with the self, and to understand the very core of our being.  To love ourself, our weaknesses, our strengths, all of us.

When we sit alone with the self, when we become hyper-aware of our habits, our behaviours, and our temperments, we can begin to understand ourselves.  This understanding and awareness may be what leads us to truth, to personal development, to nirvana.

Have the generations of our past known this secret far before us?  Perhaps the generations have always known this.  That time with the self is what provides us with insight into our core, and that progress truly only happens when we know ourselves, deeply.

And, if the past generations do know this truth, are we the first generation not to inherit directly the learnings of our ancestors through direct teaching?  Is it possible that these insights are flowing through out blood, and we know them from somewhere deep inside. Perhaps verbal or written teachings are helpful, but uncessary, as our DNA has been altered by their life lessons.

Perhaps what we all need to do is spend some time with ourselves.  To listen. To feel. To understand.  Perhaps once we begin to listen we will find all that we’ve endowed, and be provided with the knowledge and wisdom of ourself that has been developing for generations.


Creativity, and all of its hope

As I send out a wish for all of us in this world to be blessed with the sensation and utter trust that truth, beauty, happiness and love all bring forth, I reflect upon the meaning of hope.

The incredible strength that motivates a tiny and fragile plant that has broken through the cold, nearly frozen earth in early spring to push forth and create life for another short season; for me, this is hope.

The intensity and fire of the red and burning sun rising over the earth in the early morning hours; for me, this is hope.

That so very many of us are out each day for no other reason than because we feel a deep and universal pull, are out there creating and sharing art, writing, music, theatre, dance, and all the many other creative pursuits.

The feeling deep inside my gut, my heart and my soul that suspends me from the passing of time and the existence of space when engaging with art; to me, this is hope.

I send love and thanks to all of those beautiful beings out there who commit themselves to creating.  Those creations are what pull us into life for a passage we can’t understand but can only gasp in awe, and admiration.  For me, those moments are hope.

The Mystery of Music

Incredible music becomes something so much greater than scribbled dots upon a page.

It takes form, becoming perceived matter.  The sounds of the notes can drift, can jump, can softly drip, or quickly scatter.  The notes are organized in such a way that it moves, alive, and free.

The movement creates a mood, conjurs up images, and can stimulate memory from far, far away.

Created shapes enter the spaces they inhabit creating an imprint of that moment in time.

Time becomes void in the space where the music is living.  Listeners are pulled into a absolute experience of mindfulness. The only thing that exists in that moment is the feelings, spaces, and images being created.

Our senses are enveloped by energy and shifts in time and space that remind us of the spectacular senses we have have and the creative mysteries of the universe.



Connecting with the Body

As beings on this planet to explore and understand more about what and who is this universe, we have this connection, deep and unconscious and for some, conscious, that never leaves our side.  Our inner-knowing, our gut feelings, our intuition, our wisdom.  This sense, this intelligence of the heart cannot escape us, and can only help and heal and mentor us on our journey.  I like to call this spirit.

So, if our core being is spirit, I begin to wonder what sets us apart from the other energies vibrating in the universe?

Photo credit: laurenatclemson

We have a body.

We can leap, we can stretch, we can feel the sand on our feet and the wind on our faces.  We can hurt, we can sing, we can sculpt, paint, dance and run.  And so it comes to mind that part of our reason for being here upon this earth is to use, understand and explore this body for which we’re inhabiting.

Perhaps we play frisbee, go boating, do jumping jacks, or paint a masterpiece.  We learn to play the trumpet or we take a long walk in the forest.  Whatever it is, enjoy.

I believe we can honour our divine place in this lifetime by using, listening to and learning from that unbelievably complex, intelligent and sophisticated system that we live within.

I believe we will learn more about our deeper consciousness, and fulfill the divine purpose not only expanding the places we can go with our minds and our souls, but equally by truly, engaging with, understanding and respecting our body.




In the Beginning…

In the moment when a new birth happens, a place where the emptiness of what was not there before emerges, all is possible and all can create life and such will only humble itself as it eases through the process of coming into being.

In celebration of all that is energy, of the amazing and inspiring, of that which makes us smile and that which makes us weep; to explore the deepest curiosities of life, and to share wonders, ideas and to embark upon a dialogue of that which is…I welcome you to lovelyenergy.

May all those who visit be blessed.  Namaste.