Connecting with the Body

As beings on this planet to explore and understand more about what and who is this universe, we have this connection, deep and unconscious and for some, conscious, that never leaves our side.  Our inner-knowing, our gut feelings, our intuition, our wisdom.  This sense, this intelligence of the heart cannot escape us, and can only help and heal and mentor us on our journey.  I like to call this spirit.

So, if our core being is spirit, I begin to wonder what sets us apart from the other energies vibrating in the universe?

Photo credit: laurenatclemson

We have a body.

We can leap, we can stretch, we can feel the sand on our feet and the wind on our faces.  We can hurt, we can sing, we can sculpt, paint, dance and run.  And so it comes to mind that part of our reason for being here upon this earth is to use, understand and explore this body for which we’re inhabiting.

Perhaps we play frisbee, go boating, do jumping jacks, or paint a masterpiece.  We learn to play the trumpet or we take a long walk in the forest.  Whatever it is, enjoy.

I believe we can honour our divine place in this lifetime by using, listening to and learning from that unbelievably complex, intelligent and sophisticated system that we live within.

I believe we will learn more about our deeper consciousness, and fulfill the divine purpose not only expanding the places we can go with our minds and our souls, but equally by truly, engaging with, understanding and respecting our body.





In the Beginning…

In the moment when a new birth happens, a place where the emptiness of what was not there before emerges, all is possible and all can create life and such will only humble itself as it eases through the process of coming into being.

In celebration of all that is energy, of the amazing and inspiring, of that which makes us smile and that which makes us weep; to explore the deepest curiosities of life, and to share wonders, ideas and to embark upon a dialogue of that which is…I welcome you to lovelyenergy.

May all those who visit be blessed.  Namaste.