Creativity, and all of its hope

As I send out a wish for all of us in this world to be blessed with the sensation and utter trust that truth, beauty, happiness and love all bring forth, I reflect upon the meaning of hope.

The incredible strength that motivates a tiny and fragile plant that has broken through the cold, nearly frozen earth in early spring to push forth and create life for another short season; for me, this is hope.

The intensity and fire of the red and burning sun rising over the earth in the early morning hours; for me, this is hope.

That so very many of us are out each day for no other reason than because we feel a deep and universal pull, are out there creating and sharing art, writing, music, theatre, dance, and all the many other creative pursuits.

The feeling deep inside my gut, my heart and my soul that suspends me from the passing of time and the existence of space when engaging with art; to me, this is hope.

I send love and thanks to all of those beautiful beings out there who commit themselves to creating.  Those creations are what pull us into life for a passage we can’t understand but can only gasp in awe, and admiration.  For me, those moments are hope.


One thought on “Creativity, and all of its hope

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