Where Healthy Begins…

Self-Love and Self-Awareness.  That is where it all begins.

Reaching out to understand the self, and loving ourself for all of who we are. Recognizing weaknesses, shadows and challenges as imporant parts of our being, and loving them for being there.

In each moment, day to day, being fully engaged with ourself, and those around us.  Understanding our reactions, actions, and motivations.  Knowing ourselves, deeply, and making the changes we wish to make for the betterment of our contribution to this life and to this planet.

Perhaps our health is much more than diet and exercise. Of course, those are two very important ingredients to the recipe, however, they may not have the impact they could have if we first don’t review our core beliefs about ourself.

The body can act as a mirror for what we are feeling inside.

It is my belief that we are made of energy and emotion. The core of our being can be deduced to moving particles, even our thoughts and feelings create energy that vibrates outwardly to the universe and inwardly to our core, impacting how we physically look and feel as we inhabit the body we live within.

We are incredibly adaptive and self-healing beings. We have the power to transform ourselves for the better if we so choose.

In our quest to heal ourself and the universe, I believe it starts with love and awareness. Loving the self, for all that we are in this moment.  Recognizing and loving our weakesses as much as our strengths.  Consciously giving ourself love each and every day.  Having awareness of who and what we are and what we feel, how we act and what we need. Engaging in life fully and completely and in the moment.

May all of us find the healing that we need, and find the space to send ourself love.



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