In Spirit and Saga

We arrive on this earth with a flame burning inside.  An inner fuel to keep us going, evoking life to stir and push forward in time.

Deep from within us rises a story that must be told.

From those moments, our truths begin to emerge.  Our energy takes form into the shapes and colours that our tapestry must fulfil.  The hues, contours and patterns are woven just so, as to connect the the people, moments, events and learnings that await us.

As the eternal story of the world is unfolding, we are the next chapter in the memoirs of our forefathers.  We are the energetic shift of the next evolution.  As our moments are brought forth, the power of the whole universe resonates with the sway of our existence.

Energy transfers in ways it was only waiting for and in ways that it could only embrace with pure and vibrant light and love.  As we take our place in the universe, we become intwined into the powerful, living and breathing organism of the unbounded cosmos.

From vitality and from love we see and we know there is but one story being told.



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