Generation and Time

What is it that time generates?  Learning? Progress? Growth?

Is the act of generating ‘something’ from our so very precious time a critical experience for progress in life?

Perhaps what generates the most progress is being still.  Learning to be with the self, and to understand the very core of our being.  To love ourself, our weaknesses, our strengths, all of us.

When we sit alone with the self, when we become hyper-aware of our habits, our behaviours, and our temperments, we can begin to understand ourselves.  This understanding and awareness may be what leads us to truth, to personal development, to nirvana.

Have the generations of our past known this secret far before us?  Perhaps the generations have always known this.  That time with the self is what provides us with insight into our core, and that progress truly only happens when we know ourselves, deeply.

And, if the past generations do know this truth, are we the first generation not to inherit directly the learnings of our ancestors through direct teaching?  Is it possible that these insights are flowing through out blood, and we know them from somewhere deep inside. Perhaps verbal or written teachings are helpful, but uncessary, as our DNA has been altered by their life lessons.

Perhaps what we all need to do is spend some time with ourselves.  To listen. To feel. To understand.  Perhaps once we begin to listen we will find all that we’ve endowed, and be provided with the knowledge and wisdom of ourself that has been developing for generations.



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